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Reeds are thicker than thatch and smaller than bamboo. It is a material that is used in many types of construction. Mainly used as a layer on a roof, it is also utilized in doors, windows, graneries, walls and other types.

Roof layer




Frame for walls

Reeds are gathered in areas near lakes or rivers. It is a material that is harvested annualy and is stored and dried before it is used.

Storage of

A window infilled with reed offer limited security and is mainly done for privacy.

Many granaries are constructed with reeds.

Reeds are tightly laid out verticaly. They are tied togeather with a horizontal memeber which is a piece of wood or more commonly... bark.

Reeds are used as vertical members and supported by poles.

Many structures had a layer of thatch that went onto the roof structure. In some cases reeds were bundled together to create a purlin.

Door being constructed.

This is a structure built on the beach in a fishing village. It is a temporary structure just for the dry season.

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