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The videos are short clips I took to give a glance of what the homestead feels like.  Much more powerful than just a picture.  I tried to capture as much construction videos as possible.

Man making bricks in Chaima village, Machinji district. He is taking mud from on site, adding water and pounding into a wood form work. He then turns the form upside down to release the bricks. These bricks will either be sun dried or piled up to form a kiln which will be burnt with wood.

Chisi village, Nzimba district

Chaima village, Machinga district

Woman plastering her home. This task is done once a year which gives the structure protection from the elements. The plaster is usually just mud with water added.

My You-Tube channel.

Woman plastering kitchen floor. The plaster is black in color due to an additive, which is the inside of a battery cell. She is smoothing out the plaster with a stone.

Chima village, Dowa district

Man building a wall using burnt bricks.

Chaima village, Machinga district

Mwasambo village, Chiradzulu district

Men sawing off ends of gum pole rafters in Mwasambo village, Chiradzulu province, Malawi.

Rammed earth construction.. The form is 3 pieces of wood connected with a bicycle chain. On this house 2 layers are formed each day and construction will take a total of one week. Houses using this technique near by were said to have been 20 years old.

Njobwa village, Kasungu district

Woman painting decorative bottom band on kitchen using a brush made of thatch and the paint is local soil with crushed burnt bricks mixed in.

Chisi village, Nzimba district

Kamuzu Road, Salima district

Building a fence on Kamuzu Road, Salima district. The fence is made of vertical reeds tied with larger reeds going horizontal.

Chaima village, Machinga district

Preparing to thatch a roof.




Sun Dried Bricks

Sun Dried Bricks


Wood Poles

Rammed Earth


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